Monday, January 30, 2012

Catholic church restrictions... AARGG!

pic courtesy of eric suarez
I love the church. I love the solemn feeling when I'm inside one. The peace, the quiet and the all out ambiance hooks me in that I always make it a point to check out the church in a place that I visited for the first time.

However, when it comes to wedding, churches seem to still be living in a different era totally unparalleled to the one we're in now.

Below are some of the restrictions that we encountered when we're still church hunting.

  1. Personalized vows not allowed (there are some churches that do allow this but usually it's the expensive ones.)
  2. Liturgical songs only.
  3. Sleeveless, tubes, backless and too revealing dress are a no-no.
  4. Flower girls should be 5yo and above. 
  5. The AVP should be in uniform.
  6. No throwing of petals to the newly-wed. 

I gave up after this. I just don't understand why they have to be so rigid. This is just IMO. I just believe that even if I say my own personal vows to my HTB, walk to the tune of my favorite alternative song, wear a tube wedding gown or whether my suppliers arrive in shorts and slippers, the God I know won't care. I don't think he'll even take notice. I believe that my God loves me very much and will instead be very happy that I'm celebrating this very special day. Those other stuff.. it's insignificant. We can all compromise on that.


Kat chua said...

the restrictions posted here are the same restrictions of the church where my h2b and i are getting married this coming May.

chi said...

It can get really frustrating sometimes.. I'm happy we're able to pull it off. :D Congrats, Sis! I look forward to your stories.

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