Monday, January 30, 2012

Crunching the bridal numbers

are pennies enough?

Philippine weddings are also almost synonymous with sky-rocketing prices. Don't you find it odd that anything that you put the word "wedding" to automatically becomes unexplainably expensive? A dress is just a dress until you put the "wedding" on it. A cake is just a cake before it becomes a "wedding" cake. And the list goes on and on and on.

From the get-go, I told myself that I'll be a practical bride. Living in with my fiance for 2years taught me that there's so much more to married life than cotton candies and roses. And though I know that a wedding is a special day indeed, I was determined to not waste our hard-earned savings for half a day of celebration.

I just don't see the point of wearing a 50k dress that I'll only wear once and only for less than 12hours.

Nor will I spend 20k for flowers that will just get bruised and wilted.

I refuse to pay 15k for a car that I'll only ride on for less than 2hours.

Nor for a 150k venue that's bare and still needs separate decorations.

These figures are just somewhere in between the ranges. It could go lower or higher depending on a lot of factors. Regardless, I still find it too impractical even if we could afford it.

I want to prove that we don't need to break the bank just to have a fabulous wedding. I know that it can be done. I'll find ways.


Kat chua said...

we do have the same thoughts! :)we don't need to spend that much just to have a memorable wedding ♥

chi said...

so true sis Kat.. especially during these times. we need to save for the future.. :D

imbisibol said...

but if you go into debt and have to hock your first-born, won't it be *more* memorable then? haha.. but yeah, flowers and the dress were very low on my totem pole as well.

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