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Solemnizing Officers : the best kept secret of Philippine catholic weddings


We are at a standstill. Our options are very restricted in church and we don't want to get married at the city hall. I thought we were doomed to just settling to one or the other. However I found another option as I was skimming through the girltalk forum. (I'm very thankful for this forum as it really helped saved my sanity during wedding preps. They have truckloads of information to all things wedding.)

I learned that there's another option called the Solemnizing Officer (SO). So what is a solemnizing officer and who can be one?

A solemnizing officer is a person legally authorized to conduct a marriage ceremony. Per the 1987 Family Code of the Philippines' Chapter 1, Article 7, a solemnizing office may be a judge within his court’s jurisdiction, a mayor within his territorial jurisdiction, or a priest or minister who is authorized by his church or sect and registered with the local civil registrar. In special cases, such as when one party is “in articulo mortis” or at the point of death, then military commanders, ship captains, and airplane chiefs may officiate a wedding. Consuls are also allowed to officiate weddings between two Filipinos abroad. 

I realized that we're only aware of the 1st kind of solemnizing officers which are the judges or mayors. We didn't know about the others.

What does it mean to me? It meant that I can still have a religious ceremony and get the kind of wedding that I want with all the trappings that I'd love to include and incorporate.


By focusing on the next type of solemnizing officer which is a priest or minister who is authorized by his church or sect and registered with the local civil registrar. The catch here is that you or your fiance should belong to your chosen SO's church or religious sect.

NSO keeps track of all the registered solemnizing officers in the country. Aside from the name and contact numbers, it also includes their registry number and their church affiliation. Please click here for the complete listing. 

Most solemnizing officers will give you free rein in designing the flow of your ceremony program. All you have to do is find the SO that you'll be at ease in working with.


titserfides said...

Hi sis. This is truly enlightening. Have you found your SO? We are also looking for one, since we are both abroad--and we can't undergo the 2 month-long seminar required from the church of your choice.:( thanks for the link! I can't find one from Manila.

titserfides said...

oops, sis.. i spoke too soon! :)

chi said...

Thanks sis!

Yes we have. I emailed you his details so that you may also get in touch with him.

Happy preps! :)

Paulene... the Queen. said...

Hi! I couldn't message you on Gtalk so I'll leave a note here na lang. :) Can I get the contact# of your SO? You mentioned na he's good at napaiyak nya mga guests mo.. mejo kwela rin ba sha? Thanks in advance!

chi said...

yes sis! kwela din sya and magaling sa adlib just in case things don't go as he planned.

anong user mo sa GT sis para ma-PM ko syo yung contact number nya?

Anonymous said...

Hi.. can i get his number also?

Anonymous said...

Just newbie here, do anyone knows a judge or solemnizing officer. I plan to get a civil wedding this aug 18, 2012. Pls. help thanks

chi said...


I can give you our solemnizing officer's number. Please give me your email address and I'll give you his contact information.

Anonymous said...


We wil b getting married on Jan 8, 2013 @ the hotel in intramuros but as of now we still dont have a roman catholic SO do u hav the list with their contact details? thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chi,
I am also a newbie here...Can you please give me the solemnizing officer's number? He's a Roman Catholic SO, right?
My email is gp.pineda@gmail.com
Thanks so much!

chi said...

Hi sis!

Emailed you his contact details. :D

chi said...


first off, let me congratulate you on your upcoming wedding. =D

You may check the SO list in the Philippines here: http://sois.census.gov.ph/views/search

A tip though, all the Roman Catholic SO listed there are priests and I don't think anyone would agree to marry you in a hotel as it is against the Bishop's decree.

Sis, I addressed some of the most common questions that we encountered with regard to getting an SO for the ceremony on a different post. This may help.. =D


Anonymous said...

Hi friend im interested with your SO. Can u email me his details. lendl1984@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi! can i also get the info pleae? My email address is joan0509@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

ITProsperity said...

Clearly this is what I call a perfect article! Do you run this portal for your personal joy only or you have it to get profit with its help?

chi said...

hi there!

Sorry for the late reply. I sent you his contact details.

Hope it's still useful for your friend.

chi said...


Thanks for liking my blog!

This blog is the fruit of planning my own wedding. We encountered a lot of pitfalls that we could have avoided had we known about it beforehand. I also learned a lot from different wedding blogs and this is my way of paying it forward. Earning from it would be a nice bonus. :D

Anonymous said...

Please email me his contact details too :) maickabarretto04@gmail.com ty

Anonymous said...

hello me too is interested to contact him...my email is rubilyndew@hotmail.com thank you very much...

Chi Suarez said...

Hi Rubilyn,

I emailed you his contact details.

Happy preps =D

Sire Je said...

Hi Chi..Your blog is such an eye opener..I'm also interested in your SO. Could you also send me his contact details?..My email is jeric_dela_cruz@yahoo.com.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

gudpm..my plan po kami ni bf ng civil wedding..ask po sana ng contacts ng SO..Meycauayan Bulacan kami. Tnx!
my email - verlyn_jolos27@yahoo.com

Henri & Jayne said...

hello, im also new here. Will it be okay if you give me the name and number of your SO ? super thank you.

Henri & Jayne said...

ooops. sorry i forgot my email. hbrandares@gmail.com

Chi Suarez said...

Hi Sire Je,Verlyn and Henri,

Sent you his details.

Happy preps!

Anonymous said...

hi! im also new here.. can i also get the name and no. of your SO? my email is joanortiz2007@yahoo.com.. or if you know any Roman Catholic SO from Mandaluyong.

many thanks!godbless!!

Lorraine Randrup said...

Hi po. I'm planning also to have civil weddinf this Aug. Can you help to provide the contact # of your SO. I heard he is good and kwela... thanks

Lorraine Randrup said...

Hi po! can i have the contact details of sir aris centeno? please send to this email address ollen_randrup@yahoo.com. Thank you.

purple rain said...

Hi CHi,

May we have Sir Aris' number as well? We're looking for a SO too!

Thanks! kcabalos@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Chi! Can you also send me contact details of Mr. Ariz. Your blog is a great help. Thanks. -moy

here's my email: moysingtel@gmail.com

Thea Tolentino said...

I'm so happy i stumbled upon your blog. My fiance and I are going down the same route in our wedding planning but we have little to unknown info on how to go about it. Thank you fo rposting this. :)

can you please send me the contact details of Mr. Centeno at altheadanielle.tolentino@gmail.com. Thank you so much! :)

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