Sunday, February 26, 2012

Challenges of a Non-Traditional wedding

rise up to the challenge!

One of the challenges of staging a non-traditional wedding is to explain to the oldies the kind of ceremony that we'll be having. 

Being from a long line of catholics, we are all used to how a wedding should and shouldn't be. And garden weddings are only associated with the Christian faith and not Catholicism.

That plus the fact that both our parents have provincial roots. My parents are still living in the province and eventhough they spent almost half of their lives in Manila and are almost always here, the nakagisnan (what they were used to) is not easily shaken off. 

As for my fiance's parents, they grew up and is living in Manila. My father-in-law even worked abroad for more than 20+ years, and yet even they questioned our choice.

There were a lot of whys. More than that, the "then it's not a Catholic wedding" cropped up one too many times. 

So how do we explain something that we, ourselves haven't personally experienced. 

We did try.. Initially. But eventually, we just let everyone keep their opinions and just let them experience it on the BIG day. 

What I've realized, is that this is a first for all of us. We just have to trust on our own decisions and hoped everyone will do the same.


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