Sunday, February 5, 2012

Church hunting

pic courtesy of eric suarez
If celebrating your wedding in a church is a non-negotiable thing, the next best course of action is to find the best church for you and your fiance.

This really depends on your priorities. For us, (in the initial stages of our planning, when we're still thinking of getting married in the church) we're more particular of the reception rather than the ceremony location. Because of this, we chose to look for a venue first since it was much harder to find, given our wants. Once we're set on the venue, we went church hopping.

Some things that we considered were:
  1. How much are we willing to pay? Church fee ranges from the reasonable to the absurd. You have to figure out how much is reasonable for you and your fiance. Believe it or not, our set chuch budget was only 10K. We can't find any reason why we have to pay more than this. 
  2. How does it feel in person? Does it convey the same impact as it does on pictures?
  3. If we can get the most out of our payment. We wanted to make sure that we don't have to pay any add-ons as much as possible. The most that we can get on a reasonably priced package, the better. It should at least include:
    1. The officiating priest's fee.
    2. Flowers for decoration
    3. Candles
    4. Red Carpet
    5. Electricity
    6. Choir
    7. Church attendants 

  1. What were their requirements? This includes the pre-cana seminar, baptismal certificate, wedding banns to name a few. 
  2. What were their restrictions? - (Click here for some examples.) Me and my fiance talked and decided whether we're both ammenable to it or not. 

Our goal here was not to come up with a picture perfect wedding. What we wanted was to inject as much of our personalities to it. 


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