Friday, February 3, 2012

Peso-saving tips for dealing with your entourage

pic courtesy of dane garcia
Entourage (ento) are dictated by tradition. We really thought it was necessary until we found out that some opted to not have any.

If you're like us who will take your wedding outside then you can opt to only have the  God parents walk and do without the rest.

You can also do this in a church ceremony, by the way. It's really up to you. However, if you wanted to have the whole shebang, here are some tips on how to save your hard-earned peso.

  1. Get only 1 pair of secondary sponsors instead of the usual three - let the same pair light the candle, don you the veil and put the cord around you.
  2. Lower down the number of bridesmaids and flower girls (FG) that you'll get - in Philippine weddings, they don't usually do anything except be an added accent on your event.
  3. Set an age limit to your flower girls - FGs are the hardest to trim (in my experience) since there are a lot of friends and relatives who will volunteer their kids. You may set an age cap to filter those that you'll get. For example, only 5-8yo. 
  4. Ask your ento to pay for their own patahi (having the dress sewn by a seamstress or coutourier). Buy the cloth per yard at Divisoria, Taytay or Baclaran and distribute it to your ento together with your dress design. 
  5. Request your ento to split the bill of the Hair and Make Up Artist (HMU) - most HMU lower down their cost as the number of heads to be serviced increases. The price will usually be higher if you're just going to get them for the bride and the mother of the bride (MOB.) Another perk is that you and your ento will have a unified look.
  6. Use alternative bouquets - bouquets don't necessarily have to be flowers. Be creative. Refer to your theme for inspiration. A friend of mine used maracas to compliment their music theme.
  7. Source alternatives for the flower baskets of the FGs - like the bouquet, this can be much cheaper if done differently. You may try a long baton-like stick with a ribbon of your motif tied at the end for example.
  8. DIY your boutonniere - find a design that your fiance would like. (He'll thank you for not letting him wear flowers :D) Make sure that it's something that you'll find easy to make. Use inexpensive materials such as beads or buttons for example. 

With a little bit of creativity, flair and patience, a fabulous but very budget-friendly wedding can be done.


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