Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Restaurants as venues

pic courtesy of eric suarez
Since the reception will eat up almost half of our wedding budget, we found it imperative to figure out our peso power in this area.

What we realized is that we'll be able to shave a big chunk of our expenses if we book a restaurant instead. This means that we don't have to pay for a:

  1. Venue - This is because most restaurants will only charge you for the food. The venue comes for free. 
  2. Venue stylist/designer - This is because restaurants are already pre-designed. What we just need are add-on decors to personalize the place.

If you also want to follow this path, I've listed some steps on how to go about it. Please read on.

  1. Search your chosen area for possible restaurants to book.
  2. Schedule an occular. 
  3. Sample their food - Since they are primarily restaurants, they don't usually offer food tastings as opposed to caterers. You may ask them if they do or order when you visit. 
  4. While you're there, observe their service as this is very important. See if the waiters are courteous. Take note if the staff are friendly and accomodating. Check if they are quick to serve. Absorb everything that you can. Make a mental or actual notes of your observation. Refer to this for your decision making. 
  5. Ask for their package - Some key points to know are:
    1. How much is it in total. 
    2. What are the terms. - for example, is it 50% Down Payment (DP) to book then 50% 2weeks before the date.
    3. Are there any add-on fees. - for example, it is still VAT exclusive. Meaning, there's still additional 12% VAT. Or 10% service charge. Will they charge you for using the P.A system? etc.
    4. What are the inclusions - For example, is it just food and drinks or do they have extras like an after dinner coffee etc.
    5. What are the exclusions - for example, they don't serve liqueurs.
    6. For the exclusions, what will be the fee if you still wanted to include it. 
    7. What is the time duration alloted for your event. - for example, is it the whole day or just 5 hours?
    8. What will be the fee if you go on overtime.
    9. Is there a corkage fee and how much - For example, for bringing lechon.
    10. Do they have any restrictions - For example, they don't allow any open flames like that of a candle. 

Once you and your fiance are decided, close the date by paying the DP. I personally don't advise pencil bookings as this is subject to a lot of uncontrollable changes. Also, don't forget to request for the contract and payment receipt.

Now that you're venue is set, all you have to worry about is what food to serve and what decorations to put.

Happy preps!


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