Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marriage License application in the Philippines (how-to)

Hall of Requirements!
We dropped by the City Hall to inquire about the requirements for getting a marriage license.

For other soon-to-be brides, the marriage license is needed in order to be allowed to get married in the Philippines. This is obtained from the Local Civil Registrar of the municipality or city where either you or your fiance habitually reside. It is only valid for 120 days so process it within this timeframe so that it won't expire before the big day.

Before we can fill out the actual marriage license application form we first need to comply to pre-requisite requirements. They are:

  • Original birth certificate
  • Residence Certificate (sedula)
  • CENOMAR (Certificate of no Marriage record)
  • Attend the marriage counselling seminar

For those 18-20yo, written consent should be given by either of the persons below (following the order.) The said person giving the written consent should personally appear before the Municipal Civil Registrar.

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Surviving parent/guardian or 
  • Person having legal charge of them  

If you or your fiance is between the ages of 21-25yo, parental or guardian advice should be sought. Whoever gives the advice should also appear personally before the Municipal Civil Registrar. In the case that advice can't be obtained or is unfavorable, the application will have to be published. The Marriage License will only be issued after 3months of completing the publication.

Once the necessary requirements are completed, the application form may already be filled out.

The next step is to pay the fees and wait for 10 days (it didn't say whether it's calendar or working days) for the marriage license to be released.

This is what we found to be wierd. There is a Marriage fee of P350 while the actual Marriage License fee is only P2. We can't understand why we have to pay for a Marriage fee when we're not having a civil wedding and the mayor won't be officiating. Any clarity regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, a point to note is that if you and your fiance have lived together as husband and wife for atleast 5years, a marriage license is no longer needed. This is provided that both of you are above 25yo and unmarried. In this case, an affidavit made before a person authorized by law to solemnize a marriage would suffice. 

Getting the necessary forms are just some of the nitty-gritty parts of planning for a wedding. It's not as fun as the food tasting but is really important.


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