Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flowerless wedding

the beauty of flowers
Flowers are nice. Most of us ladies enjoy receiving them once in a while. However, wedding-wise, I personally don't find them practical.

Like everything else that is in line with weddings, flowers, too, can be pretty expensive depending on it's availability and aesthetic value. Additionally, if the wedding is somewhat close to special events that require flowers like Valentines and All Souls Day, the prices hike up considerably.

For something that will just wilt, get bruised and eventually be thrown away, this feels like throwing money down the drain and this does not sit comfortably with me. Additionally, if any member of the bridal party has allergies, using real flowers might be a no-no.

A great alternative to give a wedding a different twist while saving on floral expenses would be to go floweless (real flowers, that is.)

Most alternatives would have to be DIYed but for those brides who have spare time on their hands or their weddings are still  a few months away, here are some ideas for pulling off a flowerless wedding in all aspects of the event.

The Bouquets and Boutonnieres  - these are the most seen and noticed flower arrangement during the ceremony. This is because, everyone on the bridal entourage holds or wears one. Some alternative materials that can be used instead are:

  • paper
  • buttons
  • beads
  • fabric
  • shells
  • artificial flowers

The Ceremony - whether it be in a church or outside, decorations are still needed to give it a personalized touch. In lieu of flowers, using materials to compliment with the chosen theme may be the way to go. Some examples are:

  • twigs, birdcages, photo frames for a rustic theme.
  • tinsel, christmas balls and stars for a christmas wedding.
  • musical instruments for a music themed wedding.
  • postcards, tickets, suitcase for a travel theme.

The ideas are endless and the choices are varied. With a touch of creativity and the willingness to DIY, a flowerless wedding is truly possible. 


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