Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the versatile mason jars

If there's one thing that I've come to love about this whole DIY stuff, it'll definitely be the lowly Mason Jars. I love the fact that it's very versatile, very nice to look at and comes very cheap.

Brand-new mason jars are available  at SM dept. stores or hardwares in malls such as ACE or HandyMan. However, these are more expensive.

The alternative would be to scour thrift shops in the metro. Mason jars in thrift shops are available in various sizes, shapes and colors which is handy for matching motifs. My favorite digs are the one in Cubao, right across Cubao Expo and the rows of thrift shops in Avenida. Be on the lookout for those Japan and Korean surplus shops as they are more likely to carry these items.

Better yet, visit the local junkshop and buy it from them. This is my fiance's suggestion and it's such a great money-saving move. Practicality at it's best.

I also asked my family to save the mason jars they used for special occasions. I especially prefer different mayonnaise jars since their form is very nice.

My inspiration:

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Flowers in season in jars simply tied with a twine or ribbon gives a rustic feel to the event. Those jars attached to the chairs in the ceremony is a different take on decoration.

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 Here, the jars are acting both as a vase and candleholder. Different sizes for different purposes.

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Empty jars of equal size tied with raffia twine and then pasted with the corresponding table numbers. Very pretty in it's simplicity.

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 Lemonade, anyone?

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 This one is very unique. Using the mason jars as photo holders.

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 Simplicity at it's finest. The different hue of the jar cast a beautiful glow from the candle's light.

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 This one is very ingenious. Using the jars as soap dispensers. This exudes a spa-like vibe.

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Nothing beats seeing flickering candles in an outdoor ceremony.

I can't wait to incorporate this in my own wedding!


sheena said...

hi :) great post. i love the look of mason jars. where is it in cubao exactly?


chi said...

Hi Sheena,


I can't remember the exact name. I think it's MJM or something. It's very easy to spot though. The street is Gen. Romulo Avenue. This is the street where the jeepneys going to Fairview or Libis pass by. It's right across Cubao Expo at the superstore arcade. This link might help. =D

sheena said...

Great thanks, I'll try to look this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

check out @cookiebuttershop in instagram they are selling mason jars

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