Friday, March 30, 2012

Marriage contract tips

making it official!

Finally filed for our wedding license yesterday. We arrived at the municipal hall at around 4PM and we've yet to secure our sedula so it was rush, rush, rush.

Everything went smoothly from there. We passed all the necessary documents and filled-out all the necessary forms. Now, we'll just have to wait for the license to be released.

Yipee!! Another step crossed out on our to-do-list.

I was really worried because, we'll only be able to meet with our S.O. once we procured our license (per his requirement.) Our date was set in roughly about four weeks and given the holidays, I'm worried that we might be pressed for time because of it's release.

That's why I was so relieved when they told us that the document will be released within 10 calendar days. Woohoo! Atleast we'll still have three weeks just in case something goes wrong with the SO.

I'm not a fan of cramming. My h2b is and this causes a lot of heated arguements especially during this very stressful moment in our lives. But what I've come to realize is that help is always available. Our dear Lord will always take care of our needs. We just have to believe..


Here are some tips given to us by the civil registrar. You may find this helpful too. :)

  • Never sign the marriage contract without checking it.
  • Check the marriage contract thoroughly before signing. Make sure that all the data are correct such as spelling, address, dates etc.
  • When there's a correction, don't sign. 
  • When there's a correction, never agree to sign even if they tell you that they'll just ammend it afterwards.
  • When there's a correction and you both agreed to sign, make sure to check on it the following day and make sure that the ammendments have been made.

 Requesting for corrections once the document is forwarded to NSO is such a long process. It's better to make sure that everything is correct so that we don't have to go through that kind of hassle.


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Kat chua said...

thnak u for sharing sis! i have a tendency pa naman to sign something w/o even reading it! my bad!

chi said...

you're welcome sis. :D

thankful nga ako dun sa registrar for telling us. ang akala ko kasi yung license e yung contract na din. hindi pa pala. hihihihi!

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