Monday, March 12, 2012

The value behind engagement rings

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Last Wednesday, me and my fiance attended the prerequisite seminar at the municipal hall so that we may apply for a marriage license. The lecturer said something about engagement rings that totally caught my attention.

It was about engagement rings and how so much importance was given to its material aspect instead of the actual meaning behind the act. He mentioned how engagement rings are now valued depending on how big the stone is. Funny, because this has a long thread on GT too. This only goes to show how much we, ladies, put so much importance on this.

He mentioned how in Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Mercedes, the heroine used a piece of string to serve as their engagement ring and how it was as important to her just the same.

I find this act very sweet and very poignant.

Here is the excerp from the book:

Dragging my beloved off, we spent the happiest afternoon, the most perfect night of our lives out on the beach. We swam together, shared conversation and a lovely meal, and then…I gave him all of my love. I gave him myself, and I was given him in return. As we rested before a fire he built himself, Edmond started to twirl his hair once more. Laughing, I bid him stop lest he go bald. He smiled, and continued conversing for a time. We promised that we had kept no secrets from one another, and Edmond murmured that as soon as he had the money to buy the ring, we would be married.

"I don't need a ring."

I pulled at a string that was part of the fringe of my shawl, and it snapped off. Drawing it around my finger, it became the ring that would show one and all I was to be the wife of Edmond Dantès.

"And it will never leave my finger. I promise."

And for some visuals, here is that scene from the movie remake. Scene starts from 4:00-5:20.

Engagements are more than the rock on one's finger. More than anything else, it is the agreement between two parties in love to commit to each other in holy matrimony. In the end, the commitment and the truth behind the feelings are what really matters.


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stgeorgejewelers said...

Engagement rings behind the strong commitment of love. They are both precious treasure of his love. Many philosophy that says the engagement ring and wedding ring, is the complement of the union of two hearts with joy.

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Jen said...

i agree with you on this.. it should be with or without the ring if you love the person..

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