Friday, April 6, 2012

our budget friendly, kiddie wedding invitation

It's crunch time!

Two weeks to go and we've finally printed our invites. We'll be giving them out by next week and guests should RSVP by the 16th.

The thing with invitations is that here in the Philippines, it's more of just a formality.

Take us, for example, most of the people that we'll invite were already informed a few months back.

Also, based on our experience, invitations are just thrown afterwards. That's why we didn't allot a big budget for this.

What was very important to us was to personalize it and that's what we focused on.

Maybe, both of us are just kids at heart that unintentionally, our wedding kept on having a childlike tone.. which was very evident on our invites and all throughout the event.

Here is a sample of our kiddie invitation.

The cover page

we made sure that the wordings are also informal

we didn't use the traditional titles

the RSVP page that nobody bothered to returned. hehe!
It was personalized and on top of that, also very budget-friendly. Everything cost us less than P1,500.

Some tips:

Design your own invites - designing our own invites meant that we didn't have to pay for a graphics designer's fee. At the same time, we're sure that our design is uniquely our own.

Have it printed at a local printing shop - initially, we were suppose to buy a printer and work on everything ourselves. However, h2b decided to canvass the prices offered by printing shops within our area first. Doing the math, he realized that we'll be able to save a lot if we have the invites printed instead. They quoted us P5/piece (including paper and printing service.) This not only saved us money but time as well.

Buy envelopes by bulk from bookstores - bookstores, such as National's carry envelopes in a variety of colors and sizes. We purchased ours for P30 / pack of 10. And since we don't have a motif, we got one of each available color.

We love the outcome of our invitations. It's even less than our allotted budget and we were able to personalize it the way that we wanted to.


Anna Higuera said...

OMgosh! so cute sissy! I love it :)

chi said...

thanks sis :)

Kit Kat said...

i love it sis!!! ano ginamit mo pang design? i love itttt! ♥

chi said...

thanks sis! :)

photoshop yan.. mostly e si h2b ang nagdesign. nagdownload sya ng mga kiddie shapes online tapos mix and match nalang.. :)

PEACHY said...

so unique and pretty :-)

chi said...

thanks :D

Wedding Invitation said...

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chi said...

Thanks! I really appreciate it. :D

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