Friday, April 13, 2012

skateboard (tech deck) boutonnieres -( a funky approach to boutonnieres )

DIY for weddings have always fallen into the laps of brides. Maybe because they're the ones who usually take the lead when it comes to wedding preps.

In our case however, h2b is turning out to be more crafty and skilled in this area.

True enough, I have been laboring with my bouquet for the last 2months while just a week before the wedding, he finished the bouttonniere for him and the rest of the male entourage in just one sitting.

Following my lead of non-real flowers for the wedding, h2b also crafted the boutonnieres using other materials.

Though I know the materials that he planned to use, I was still amazed with the finished product. It was so pretty, crafty and unique which was well-suited for our ideal wedding.

He injected his favorite sport into it and this is how it looked.

The finished products

the main ingredient :)

materials used


and more samples

Creativity at it's finest! And because of this, I'm now asking him to finish off my bouquet. tee hee!


Katrina ♥ said...

OMG sis! these are really lovely!!! I ♥ it!!!

chi said...

thanks sis! that's my hubby's masterpiece. hehe!

kennady said...

The skateboard and boutonnieres are very nice colorful design. Thanks for sharing the information. One of my close friend is planning the wedding using the wedding app and to ease the wedding tension.

chi said...

thanks! it was my husband's labor of love. hihihi!

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