Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alday's Party Needs and Catering Services


Contact Person : Vita Alday 
Contact number : 434-1961 / 408-4713
Address : 5a Carriedo st. Balara Filters, Quezon, City
Fees : Chair - P10 each
           Seat cover with ribbons - P10 each  
           Rectangular table - P60 each
           Delivery charge - P200
           Ribbons - free
How to book : payment should be made upfront to block the date and the items.


We saw this supplier when we took an ocular for a possible ceremony site in Balara.

The site didn't push through though and we put off renting the tables and chairs knowing that there's a supplier near the area.

Two days before the wedding, we gave this supplier a visit to discuss the rates and other particulars.*

My gut feeling is telling me to not book this one and to look for other suppliers instead but given that it's almost the big day with still tons of thing to do, we decided to go ahead with it.

The warning bells :

Poor customer service - The place was such a mess and the owner didn't even acknowledge us right away even though she was just sitting by the table. After about 10minutes of standing and waiting, not knowing what to do next, she finally asked us our concern. We told her that we were interested in booking tables and chairs for a wedding.

She led us to the adjoining room, also as cluttered as the previous one ( still not offering us a seat ) and discussed the rates.

Entrance Fee - She asked if we were from U.P. and when we told her no, she mentioned something about a gate fee. Now, we've been going to and from U.P. and not once have we ever paid for an entrance or gate fee to enter the campus. When we told her that as far as we know, there's none, she immediately diverted the topic.

Eagle in captivity - I know that this is not related to weddings however seeing an eagle in a cage too small even for a regular dog just doesn't sit well with me.

Added stress

Hidden charges - very much like a credit card company, she sprung out hidden charges upon presenting the receipt. To our surprise there were a fee of P200 for delivery to compensate for the free ribbons which was supposedly P2/piece.

Delivery charge - we can't help but be upset about this because :
  1. This wasn't mentioned during our discussion the previous evening and 
  2. Bonsai Garden is just about 10 minutes away from their place.
It just felt like we've been cheated. Had we tried to booked her at an earlier date and found out about it, I would have looked for other honest suppliers instead.

Incomplete delivery  - per our agreement, multi-colored ribbons will be used for the chairs to follow our mixed and matched, colorful theme. What arrived were just the monoblock chairs with the white seat covers. The ribbons weren't there. Good thing, the greenery was an accent enough that the place still looked beautiful.

The ribbons and the add-on fee were just small things. They can be shrugged off. What's unacceptable is the manner in which the service was delivered.

Had she said upfront that there was a delivery fee and not sprung on us at the last minute, it would have been fine with us. Had she texted to apologize for the missed ribbons, we would have been okay with it.

She even said that she's charging the delivery charge since she's adding the ribbons for free anyway. 

It's just disappointing and sad when suppliers are untrustworthy.

Wedding preparation is stressful enough, especially for hands-on couples like us. It is crucial to work with someone who also has the same malasakit (concern) for the event that we painstakingly planned.

On the bright side, atleast it was just tables and chairs. Imagine, if she was our caterer?  ;D


* Though most of these transactions can be done over the phone, as much as possible, we prefer to meet our suppliers personally.


Katrina ♥ said...

omy sis! this is one stressful supplier that i wouldn't want to deal with.

Catering in Ann Arbor said...

It is unfortunate that you had to experience such bad services. It is important that people watch out for businesses such as this one. I am glad that everything worked out for you in the end.

chi said...

That is so true. I'm thankful that they weren't one of our major suppliers or it might have been a major headache. :D

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