Thursday, May 10, 2012

books for centerpieces ( budget-friendly, beautiful decorations )

Books have always been a part of me. I grew up with Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes on my bedside table. My teenage angst were subdued by the heroines of Sidney Sheldon and Judith McNaught.

They have always been my constant companion. Taking me to places I can only dream of. Letting me see things I can only imagine.

Given my love affair with books, it's but right to expect them to be present in my real-life romance.

They took center stage at the reception were we substituted my books for centerpieces instead of the traditional flowers.

talk about adding drama!

Peso Power

We didn't spend too much on the centerpieces because we just used my books and notepads which served as the table number holder. The jars were also salvaged sandwich spread containers that were on it's way to the trash bin. We only spent on the candles and the printing cost for the table numbers.

vigil candles (6/pack)                                -P35 x 8   =   P280.00
tea light candles (12/pack)                         -P45 x 1   =     P45.00
printing (4/sheet)                                       -P2 x 4    =      P8.00
colored board paper (10sheets)                -P41.50    =     P41.50
                                                                                        /      15
                                                                                      P 25 ( per table)

This is great value for money. Instead of using flowers that cost a fortune and will just wilt, using items that are valuable for both or either of you may just be the way to go. Aside from being cost effective, wouldn't it be nice to see something that you cherish as you celebrate this very special day?                               


Katrina ♥ said...

sis, i don't have a centerpiece except for the table names i have DIY'ed. I find it actually prettier than the flowers that the hotel would use to ornate the entire venue. :D i told them not to "use" their flowers as a centerpiece. di kasi pang wedding ang feel ng set up nila. haha!
ang ganda ng centerpieces nyo! :)

chi said...

thanks sis! super excited na din ako for your wedding. :D full of love and hardwork ang mga DIY mo.

Katrina ♥ said...

thank you sis! pero mas bonggels ang diy mo. kakaiba talaga! and i super love it! nung samin, parang ang gulo na eh. LOL. wish us luck sissy ♥

chi said...

Good luck sis! I know super magiging maganda ang wedding mo.. ilang days nalang. :D relax relax na para super beautiful and rested on the big day. :D

rachelle said...

Sis nice and unique, i love the idea

chi said...

thanks sis! =D

Cristeen said...

fantastic post and Thanks for sharing this info. It's very helpful.
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chi said...

Thanks Cristeen =D

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