Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bubble maker toys : a twist to flower girls' baskets

I love bubbles.

It gives a dreamy almost whimsical touch to events and I'm determined to incorporate it.

Even before we decided on what our bridesmaids would bring, we already know that our flower girls will bring bubbles in whatever form.

Bubbles that would have to be blown was scratched off the list since most of our FGs are still a bit young ( true enough, they all marched with their guardians in tow. )

Our bet were bubble guns that we'll just decorate.

So off we go to Divisoria in less than a week of D-day in search for the perfect bubble guns.

Bubble guns come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. They were cute and nice. There were guns in the shape of animals. Some have sounds. Some have blinking techni-colored lights.

Yet, it just doesn't feel right. Very much like when we searched the metro for the perfect feel of the church, so goes our search for the perfect bubble gun.

And then we finally saw it. It wasn't a gun at all but a bubble machine. Powered by 3 AA batteries, it can blow bubbles at constant speed on its own. It has it's own handle too, which would make it easier for our flower girls to carry.

The initial shop we asked gave it for us at a whopping P150 each (P130 for wholesale, 6pcs.) It was in 168 and we knew that the prices would go down as we go deeper into the heart of divisoria. True enough, we were able to purchase it for only P90 each (wholesale of 3pcs) at Divisoria Mall.

Not much DIY needed. Eric just placed crepe paper palawit on it's tail and its ready for show.

bubble toys with the lollipops

our flowergirls, rather bubble girls

What's great about this toy is that it saved us a great deal because instead of renting an actual bubble machine, we just placed these along the aisle instead. We just advised our coordinators to refill it every now and then, and we had bubbles the entire ceremony.


Another benefit is that it kept our little guests occupied despite the afternoon heat. They didn't get bored throughout the program and we were able to prevent any tantrums.

One of our flower girls even strategically placed a bubble toy at the table behind us which gave an endless supply of bubbles.

I'm here!

loved the effect!

Unfortunately, because it was soooo cute, those that we placed along the aisle were taken for souvenirs by some of the guests.

And more are still requesting for it long after the wedding was over.

I believe, another trip to Divisoria is necessary. :D


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