Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Candy Lollipops : a different approach to bridesmaids' bouquets

I have my pearl bouquet and Eric and his male sponsors have the tech deck boutonnieres. How about our lady sponsors then?

Following our non-real flowers advocacy, we thought of alternative ideas that will fit our almost kiddie mixed n' matched theme.

Since our wedding seems to be more of like a children's party than your average traditional event, we found the perfect bouquet for our lady sponsors in where else, but in a candy shop.

Thanks Mr. Willy Wonka for the inspiration.

lollipops for our bridesmaids

different colors

but the same sizes

Supposedly, it should be really big and round, but that's the largest that we're able to find. These are available in large supermarkets and is just about P48 a piece.

A great peso-saver, really cute and edible too. :D


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