Monday, May 21, 2012

CDs: a gift for the guests

Music have always tied us together.

Playing in a band. Attending underground concerts. Organizing music events.

Doing it .. Together.

With our history, it's a given that we'll find ways to integrate the music in our wedding.

Receiving those crystal swans, bells and other whatnots are quite boring and far too common that we decided to use CDs for this instead.

The cost has always been our guiding light. It should always be within reason given it's use.

The CDs were bought from CDR-King. It was suppose to have CD sticker paper labels on it but the stickers alone were equal to the entire souvenir cost so the idea was chucked. The design was left alone.

We also planned to put it in jewel cases however we were looking for ways to cut the budget for this so that we may use the money for other necessities.

Brown paper bags fill in as alternatives because of its rustic appeal. Medium-sized ones are the best for a sure fit which means no bulging on the sides. It would be best to bring a sample CD for fitting when buying the bags specific for this purpose.

As for the seal, we used our left-over stickers from the invites. We still have quite a few enough for the souvenirs.

Peso Power

CDs                                           - P6 x 60 = P360
brown paperbags  (100 pcs. )     -                 P42
stickers ( cost placed on invites)              __________


Souvenirs, very much like invitations are like happy meal toys. People line up to get one but often than not, never really use it.

To avoid this, we alloted the souvenirs per family instead of per guests.

No frills. No fuss. Just plain good ol' music.


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