Friday, May 4, 2012

coffee beans souvenir


The finished product of our coffee beans souvenir. Our gift to our Principal Sponsors.

beans, beans..

and more beans!

Peso power

burlap sack                - P30 x 8 = P240
ribbons (per yard)      - P2 x 14 = P28
coffee beans (per kl)  - P180x3 = P540
                                                     /     8 sponsors
                                                   P127.50 per sponsor


mart said...

Hello! May i ask where you got the jute sack?:)

chi said...

hi! I bought the sacks in Divisoria.. Here are the details. =D

Sir sheamus said...

Great webpage brother I am gona inform this to all my friends and contacts.
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Sir sheamus said...

cool site....these possible side effects

chi said...

Thanks Sir Sheamus!

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