Sunday, May 20, 2012

an unconventional program

What's great about having an unconventional wedding is the liberty to play around with each and every aspect of it without having to pause and ask whether it's allowed or not.

A good example of it was our program which was tweaked a bit from the traditional.

Initially, we designed the program to be integrated with the ceremony proper. However, our Solemnizing Officer wants the ceremony to be done separately so we had to make some adjustments.

Anyway, for those who also want to deviate from the ordinary, here is an insight on the the twists we planned to inject.


Face Painting and Photo shoots

One of our groomsmen does face painting stints when he's not tattooing. He gave his services as a wedding gift. Thank God for great friends!

Simultaneously, our P/V is to go around and take photos of guests pre-ceremony.

Program and Ceremony proper


my BIL, our bestman

the groom with his parents

Our godparents

Our bridesmaids and groomsmen

our bubble girls

me, with my parents

lighting of candles for our late grandmothers - both our grandmothers died last year. We had hope they'll be able to witness the wedding and this is our way of honoring them.

Prayer - The prayer we chose was our "Novena to God's Love." A prayer known to all "The Feast" attendees.

my SIL leading the prayer

Worship song
1st reading
2nd reading 

Hand fasting ( alternative to the cord )
Reading for the hand tying

Lantern lighting* ( alternative to the candles ) 

Ceremony proper - this is the tradition Q&A portion of weddings. Aside from the "do you accept this woman.." string of questions, we were asked to repeat certain preset vows from our Solemnizing officer, Aris Centeno.

Personal Vows

Exchange of Rings 

Talk of the S.O.


we are now pronounced, husband and wife!


Confetti toss
Photo shoot

Upon the request of our solemnizing officer to separate the program from the ceremony proper, it was planned to be done pre-ceremony instead. Unfortunately, since I was an hour late, it was decided for it to be cut and to proceed to the ceremony proper instead.

It was sad because we took a lot of time planning the program to make it memorable and different but all in all, the wedding was still almost everything that we wanted it to be. For that, we can't be any happier. 


* We lighted the lantern just for fun right after most of the guests left for the reception



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