Friday, May 4, 2012

the elusive burlap sacks: where to buy in manila..

Giving away coffee means giving them in burlap sacks. And so the hunt was on.

Right when we thought of coffee as a PS souvenir, we had wanted to have them packed in burlap sacks to exude that homey, vitagey feel.

What we've come to realize is that burlap sacks are not that easy to find. We didn't find any in Batangas nor in Divisoria.

We forgo with the idea and just looked for other options such as glass jars or tin cans. Saizen and other Japan Home centers carry a wide variety that we could choose from.

However, on our last visit to Divisoria ( we've been going there more frequently as D-Day approaches ) we gave the street of Tabora one final run through. Lo and behold, right smack in the middle was a vendor of burlap sacks. His stall is quite small and can be easily missed amidst glittery masks and other whatnots. By the way, he's the only one selling these in Tabora.

divisoria map

We bought 8 pieces of the medium  sized ones which cost P30 each.

medium sized burlap sacks

There were 4 sizes in all and the prices were:

  • extra small - P 18
  • small - P25
  • medium - P30
  • large - P65
It was such a feel-good moment when we saw these. It's like all the tiredness was well worth it. So if you're still waaaay beyond finishing your DIYs, and badly needed materials, don't lose hope. Somebody is bound to sell it somewhere. Just have the patience to keep on searching.


iyra said...

Hi! I've been silently reading your blog for some time now. I just wanna ask the name of the store where you bought the burlap bags? Do they also sell burlap per meter/yard? Thanks! :)

Btw, I'm a Girltalker that's why I (intentionally) bumped into your blog. Heheh. :D

chi said...

Hi Iyra!

First off, I'm sorry I got to only respond to your question just now. There were just so much going on that I haven't been online as much as I would have wanted.

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm happy to help other would-be brides too.. =D

Unfortunately, the shop doesn't have a name because it's just along the Tabora sidewalk. He's somewhere in the middle and you will definitely not miss him if you pass by Tabora. He's selling the sacks per bag and not per yard.

Happy to help sis :D see you in GT soon!

Chinay Pe said...

Hi, sis! Just want to ask how big exactly is the medium burlap sack? I've been looking for something like this for a long time! I hope I also find the seller when I go to Divi! :)

chi said...

Hi sis!

I think it's roughly 6" in height and 4" in width.

i'm sure you will. =D

Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

hi, may i ask if there is a burlap sack selling in divi? like a real whole sack. im making an executioner hood/mask

chi said...


That's a great concept you're thinking of there.. :D I can just visualize how grand your theme would be.

I haven't seen a seller in divi selling the entire sack however, I think I read somewhere in GT that there were some who's selling it by the yard. I'd suggest for you to check out the Female Network GirlTalk forums (wedding DIY / wedding on a budget threads)

Hope this helps.. :D

If you can, please also share your DIY mask photos. Other bride-to-be's would definitely dig it. :D

Tims said...

i'm in need of jute sacks too. i hope he's still there.

chi said...

Hi Tims,

He does have his own stall so he probably is still there.

Good luck and happy shopping. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you think the large-sized ones will fit a medium-sized wine bottle? Thanks.

chi said...

Hi there!

Yup, i think it will fit. However, the width might not be proportional to the bottle.

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