Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pearl Bouquet - Finished product

Eve of the wedding and Eric is still halfway to doing a lot of DIYs.

I had wanted to do it early on knowing from other brides' experiences that it could take a lot of time but he kept on saying "akong bahala" I'll take care of it, that he was swamped with DIYs up until the morning of the wedding.

He did promise that he'll work on my bouquet and I was so happy and proud on how it turned out.

My pearl bouquet..

relaxing outside Bonsai Garden after the ceremony

my MIL holding the bouquet for me as I cry. Touching moment!

My mother-in-law loved my pearl bouquet so much that she took it home and rearranged it. It now sits proudly on one of the vases in the living room and I can't be any happier. :D

I bet, my husband is mighty proud of himself too. 


Katrina ♥ said...

super love it sis!!! :)

chi said...

thanks sis.. :D

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