Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ring Book - A twist to the ring pillows

Aside from using my books as centerpiece, we also used it for a very special role..

The ring holder.

Instead of the traditional pillow, we tied some scrap ribbon that we have on one of my books and threaded the rings into it.

our rings around our journey.

The funny thing was our ring bearer wasn't able to make it so the rings were given to a family friend for safe keeping.

nope, it's not with our bestman. =D

During the exchange of rings, she was sobbing so hard she didn't hear the solemnizing officer asking for it. She only realized when the person beside her nudged her for the rings.

It was one of those funny anecdotes that would be repeatedly shared whenever we reminisce about our wedding. 

One ring to bind them all?

We were also able to get a price-cut from my wedding gown supplier for not taking the 2nd veil, pillow, arrhae and cord. This was usually offered as an add-on but since we don't need it anyway, we ask if we could get a discount instead. And our she agreed!

As a tip, ASK! we'll never know when our supplier can give us a discount for something.


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