Friday, May 18, 2012

Song choices

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."
                                                                           - Victor Hugo

For a music enthusiast, being asked to stick to only liturgical songs can be quite limiting.

There are a lot of great gospel songs out there. It's just that we felt it's not enough to cover the myriad emotions that we wanted to convey. It was one of the factors that made us decide to not have a church wedding.

On the other hand, having free rein with our song choices was exhilarating and it was one of the tasks that we really enjoyed.

Here are the ones that made the cut.

Prenup video - I caught fire ( the used )

The rawness of our need for each other, well defined by this song.

Groom and entourage march - Miles away ( years around the sun )

This was Eric's choice. He was drawn to the lyrics and the melodic rhythm of the song. A very relaxing piece.

Bridal march - Bless the broken road ( selah )

A great melody with equally great lyrics. This song encompasses all the things that I wanted to say to the person I'll share my life with.

Announcement - Happy day ( jesus Culture ) and Today is the day ( lincoln brewster )

These are gospel songs that we really liked. It perfectly conveys the happiness we felt when we were announced as husband and wife to our friends and family.

Our first dance - Kun' di man ( the jerks )

This was my wedding present to Eric. He is a big fan of "The Jerks" who's vocalist happened to be my uncle. He didn't know that uncle would play a set during the reception. Just seeing his look of excitement and happiness during our first dance was pure joy.

Wedding Ceremony video - Stolen ( dashboard confessionals )

Eric and I are big Dashboard Confessionals fans. We've decided early on that this song will have a part on our big day.

Reception video - Signal Fire ( snow patrol )

Johnoy Danao's cover* of this song introduced me to Snow Patrol. His version was nice but we opted to go with the full band version. Let the lyrics speak for us.

We may not have the chance to say everything that we wanted to. Yet we know that the music behind our love story was able to do just that.


listen to it here.


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