Wednesday, May 16, 2012

U.P. Bonsai Garden - wedding ceremony set-up

The huge bonsai plants in the middle of the U.P. Bonsai garden is a thing to consider. Our initial concern was how to make sure that all the guests would be able to see the ceremony.

ocular with Candy*

We brought our coordinator, Candy Alvarez, with us for an ocular so that she'd have an idea of the layout. This would help her in visualizing the possible layout for the chairs as well.

What we failed to anticipate however, was the sunlight bouncing off the garden. ( It was raining when we visited )

Despite of it, she and her team did quite well.

Here are samples of the set-up. Most photos courtesy of our OTD coordinator, Candy Alvarez.

the aisle

petals, petals and more petals

makeshift altar - photo credits: Quittine Moya

left side

one of Candy's team, Pinky

speakers strategically placed at the sides for maximum audio experience

right side

the candles would have been lovely at night

Unexpected things are bound to happen but with a great coordinator, everything has a work-around. :D


*our layout basis. Front would refer to the ceremony part ( where the table is ) and back would be the area near the entrance. 


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