Saturday, May 12, 2012

U.P. Bonsai Garden

RATING : ♥♥♥♥♥
Contact number : (63) 02.928.5458
Address : Delos Santos Ave. U.P. Diliman Quezon, City

Fees : garden - 5K
           Cogon hall ( small pavilion near the entrance ) - 5K
           Kakawati Hall ( big pavilion ) - 15K
           Greenhouse : 10K ( without electricity ) / 15K ( with electricity )

Time Duration : 5hours / 1K for every succeeding hours.

How to book : get a form from the U.P. Business Office (BCO.) It's near the college of fine arts. Fill it out and have it signed by the care taker at the Bonsai garden. 1 copy for the care taker, 1 for the office and 1 is yours. About a week before the wedding, pay for rental at the cashier's office located at the shopping center and return the receipt to the Business Office.


Following our decision to take our wedding our of the church was our hunt for the perfect garden in the city.

There were a lot of gardens-for-rent in the QC area however since most are being used for weddings, most are expensively priced.

I already know that U.P. Bonsai Garden can be rented and it was on my list since both of us love hanging out in U.P. Diliman because of it's laid back, rustic charm.

What's we liked about the Bonsai Garden are:

Proximity - it was near our reception which is located along Kalayaan.

Affordability - rent for the garden is P5k. It's for 5hours however, extensions can be arranged with the caretaker (at no extra cost). Also, payment is requested about a week before the event so we were able to use the money for other expenses.

Size - it was not too big that our guests won't see each other. On the other hand, it wasn't too small that the chairs are cramped. It's just the right size for the chairs, tables and aisle put together.

Privacy - unlike other gardens wherein you share the venue with other couples, with Bonsai, you have the garden all to yourself and your guests.

Aesthetic Value - the place is already beautiful in itself that there were no need for a lot of decorations. 3kilos of loose petals and unending bubbles were enough to do the trick.

What we took into consideration:

Parking - the venue doesn't have their own parking so the guests would have to park on the side of the street.

Garden design - there were huge bonsai plants in huge pots right smack in the middle of the garden. It can serve as an aisle (which we did) however, it makes viewing a tad harder for the guests. Our coordinator had to strategically arrange the chairs to make sure that everybody can see the ceremony in the middle.

photo credits by our coordinator : Candy Alvarez

What we failed to anticipate:

Sun glare - our wedding ceremony was scheduled at 3PM. We overlooked that during this time, the sun's rays were hitting the middle of the garden. Our coordinator had to move the chairs at the back so that the guests were shaded by the trees.

The ceremony started at 4PM (because I was an hour late to finish the make-up and getting into the dress.) The garden was already shaded by then, however the ceremony portion in front were still  sunny. The entourage, including Eric and I, were drenched in sweat and most of the entourage have their fans in front of their faces ( which didn't look good in photos. ) It looked cool for those wearing their shades, though. :D

that was one of our ninongs hiding behind the bonsai. tee hee!

The good part about this was that, it gave our photographers enough light to work with. An overcast sky wasn't good for photos either.

All in all, we're very happy with choosing the Bonsai Garden. It was the perfect venue for our wedding ceremony.


Katrina ♥ said...

sis! ang ganda ng wedding nyo!!! :) gustong gusto ko talaga ng garden wedding!!!

chi said...

thanks sis.. :D buti nga nakisama ang panahon. after ilang days lang e nagstart na umulan.

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