Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adarna Food and Culture (an introduction)

During my research for Tiffany chair alternatives, I stumbled upon Adarna Food and Culture from a bridal magazine.
photo credits by Adarna Food and Cuture. This is the actual photo I saw on a bridal mag.

It gave me the idea of having the reception at a restaurant vs. renting a venue and hiring a caterer separately. 

After reading more about it, Eric and I decided to drop by.

Adarna Food and Culture is a very quaint, homey restaurant secretly tucked along the busy streets of Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon, City.

Stepping onto it's threshold transports you into a bygone era of olden Philippines. Where family gatherings are the norm and good food holds it together.

Adarna is divided into 5 function halls that can be rented separately depending on the number of guests.

Just after the foyer is Hardin ng Sampaguita. An al fresco garden that has a makeshift fountain made from an old kawa. 

It turns enchanting when lighted with candles.

Photo credits : Candy Alvarez

An old mortar and pestle used for grinding rice decorates a corner.

A big tree with hanging lights makes the place cozy and romantic.

On the right side of the garden is Patio Rosas. It is also al fresco however, it does have ceiling fans and humidifiers for ventilation. There is an antique jukebox beside an in-house sari-sari store. In front of it is a wooden chair that has a "dama" board etched on it. Reminiscent of days when sari-sari stores are more than just shops but a place where people gather to chit-chat, have discussions and be with friends and neighbors.

A row of vintage bottles serve as decoration.

When not used for an event, this area is made comfy by sofas and couches that makes you want to prop your feet up and just relax. 

Bulwagang Adarna is the main dining hall and is airconditioned. It's the one stationed closest to the bar.

Rotary phones are at arms reach from tables while an old piano sits by the corner. Various photos can be seen near the ceiling.

The Silid ng Reyna and Silid ng Bituin are the 2 rooms upstairs. It is ideal for small gatherings, private meetings and functions. It can be booked separately or together as it has a moving wall panel that can be put in place or taken out as needed.

Framed photos of beauty queens in the late 60's and 70's are hanging on the walls.

Vintage stuff is the main centerpiece of Adarna's decor. It serves as a reminder of how it was back then. Not only through the food it serves but through it's visuals as well.

Coming up next is the review.. See you then. =)


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