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Adarna Food and Culture (the review)

RATING : ♥♥♥♥♥

Contact number : 926.87.12 / 0917.9618113 
Email Address : / 
Website : 
Address : 119 Kalayaan Avenue Quezon, City

Fees : it depends on the menu of your choice. 
There is a minimum rate to be able to block a certain function hall however, this amount is consumable for the food. ( see details below )

Function Hall pax capacity amount to block

Bulwagang Adarna -  40-60 P25k airconditioned
Patio Rosas - 40-50 P12k
Hardin ng Sampaguita - 40-60 P15k
Silid ng Reyna -  15-20 P5k airconditioned
Silid ng Bituin - 20-25 P7,500 airconditioned

Other charges : 12% VAT ( exclusive from the menu rate )
                           10% service charge
                           cake corkage - P500*
                           wine corkage - P500**
                           lechon corkage - P1k

How to book : read and sign the contract. make a down payment to block the date. 50% must be paid a month before the wedding. The rest is to be settled after the event.


Adarna Food and Culture was the very first supplier we've ever booked. We paid the down payment as early as January of 2011.

What we liked about Adarna Food and Culture

Aesthetic Value - beautiful in itself, Adarna is a something to behold. It embodies the laid back, relaxed charm that we wanted to incorporate in our wedding.

Location and Accessibility - it was easy to locate and go to even via public transport. At the same time, it's very near the hotel and the ceremony site.

Food - the food was heavenly. And all dishes have twists which coincide with our wedding planning. The servings were huge and there were more than enough for everyone. Given that, we still have a lot that we took home.

our friends having a photo op at our table while we're doing the rounds. =)

Unlimited Iced Tea - I just had to say this because Eric and I are fond of unlimited iced tea. This is our main consideration when dining out and it sure makes our day. I think I had more than 10 glasses that night. Tee hee!

Also, unlike other caterers, they agreed to serve iced tea once the guests arrive. We made this request since we're anticipating that the guests would be parched from being outside the whole afternoon.

Staff - the staff were the nicest ones ever. They were all smiles and pleasant to look at. They were attentive to all requests of the guests. They were not in a hurry compared to other caterers. They only packed the food after all the guests have left and only did so after I gave the go signal.

Chef - Chef Giney Villar made it all possible by whipping up the delectable food for everyone.

Easy to talk to - We never had a problem dealing with the staff of Adarna. Aries, their POC, answers my texts right away. Even Chef Giney, responds to my email and PM on facebook as soon as she's able. We had a lot of requests that they were able to meet.

They allowed us to use the sari-sari store,

photo credits : Candy Alvarez

have the twinkling lights on the tree fixed before the event,

and even let us borrow these cute candle holders we saw them use for Earth Hour.

photo credits : Candy Alvarez

Candy, our WC also requested to have 2 buffet tables where one is situated outside. Initially, they didn't agree because it might rain, but on the day itself, they still agreed. Having 2 tables set-up was very convenient for the guests.

What we took into consideration

Vat exclusive - the menu was still vat exclusive. It blew our food budget out of proportion. The prices were already expensive in itself. And we felt that the amount of VAT we paid was enough to feed a set of guests.

Corkage - There were a lot of corkage. They have it for the cake, wine, lechon and I think for other equipment. We only paid for the cake though because we didn't have wine toasting. We also forgo the others.  

Lay out - Since Adarna is a house, there were a lot of partition between the guests. Our work around was to go around and mingle instead of just sitting in our chair. That way we can interact with all the guests.

photo credits : Candy Alvarez
Weather - We planned to use the patio area which will be drenched in case of rain. We just prayed really hard that the heavens give us a fair sky.

photo credits : Candy Alvarez

There may be some things that made us think whether booking Adarna was the right decision. However, the reasons why we did far outnumber the the reasons why we shouldn't have. It was a choice that we never regret in making.


*according to them, the cake corkage was supposedly P500 per layer. However, it wasn't indicated on my contract nor was I properly informed so I negotiated to pay only the amount I was told which is P500 all in all for my 2layer cake and a cupcake tower.

** Amount is based on what we can recall. I'm not so sure though since we didn't use wine during the reception. 


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