Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear Mamang..

How are you there? I bet you're having a grand time with the angels and all. I just wanted to say I miss you.. It's only been a year and it still feels surreal to not be able to see you again.. ever.

By the way, Eric and I finally tied the knot. I'm sure you've heard all about it. We really hoped that you were able to hold on up to the wedding date but I guess, the Lord has other plans..

It was beautiful, Mang.. How I wish you were there. I know you would have been happy for me and for us. I can't describe the feeling but I know that had I told you, you would have understood.

I remember how you would tell us stories about you and Papang. How you met. Your dates. The hard times. The lessons.

I remember it all. But what I remember the most is how happy you were despite all the difficulties.

You taught me about unconditional love at a very young age. How you loved us all. You took care of us even though it wasn't easy. You were always patient even if we weren't always good. You accepted us without questions. Loved us without any inhibitions.

Through you, I learned how it's suppose to be.

I miss you so badly, Mang.. I do..

me with my beloved Mamang..

 I guess, I always will..


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