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House items that can be used for weddings

This post is for my virtual sister Nuriko for her whimsical country themed wedding.

Country wedding throws away the concept of stiff, formal events in exchange for a more personal experience. It is all about a relaxed, laid back feel. It is homey and cozy and rustic. It's beauty lies on it's simplicity and is usually pertaining to the outdoors.

Add in the whimsical factor on the mix and what you get is a fancy and simple yet elegant wedding.

If one has the means, any kind of themed wedding can be arranged. What if you're on a tight-budget though?

Country themed weddings are easy to stage, not to mention budget-friendly, because the elements needed are usually readily available.

Here are some items that are all too common yet can transform into something whimsical and pretty with just a little bit of work.

Twigs - they are aplenty and anyone can practically obtain it anywhere. It's great for Wishing Trees. Instead of a traditional guestbook, place twigs in a vase and have cards tied with ribbons ready on a table. Have them hang their well-wishes on the makeshift tree.

Spray paint it with silver or white for a whimsical effect. Use colored pens and ribbons to match the motif for a unified look.

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photo credits

Birdcages - Remember how lovebirds where such a rage before? Almost every household had a pair. Now that the fad is over, you may use your birdcages for something else. Nothing speaks of country and nature more than it does. It makes a simple yet beautiful Centerpiece. Find birdcages of various shapes, sizes and colors at Dapitan Arcade as well.

 For a whimsical effect, paint it with pastel colors then fill with flowers. Use baby's breath or stasis to keep it affordable.

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Mason Jars - Mason Jars are pretty in it's simplicity, one can never get enough of it. It is so versatile that it can have a lot of different uses.

Read more about it in my post : The versatile mason jars

Clothespins - who would have thought that this common laundry commodity can be used for weddings. This is perfect for holding small escort cards for your guests.

Add in your photos for a whimsical touch.

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Buntings - these are nice alternatives to drapes and is very easy to make. Rummage your closet for clothes that are no longer used. Run it over by the sewing machine or do it by hand. For those who doesn't have the time or patience, they may simply cut it into triangles. Scrap fabrics are also available by the kilo at Taytay, Rizal.

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Add lace to make it more whimsical.

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There are a lot of options out there that can be used for weddings. It doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. Some can even be salvaged from the trash bin. We just have to allow ourselves to shake off our notions of how a wedding should look like and be willing to search for alternatives.


Nuriko said...

Hello sis! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas re whimsical country wedding! This is just what I need! <3 i'm in love with those twigs ! do you think they can be used as centerpieces too?

chi said...

Hi sis! thanks for giving me your theme to work on. I'm glad you loved it. =D great idea about the twigs.. definitely, they can double up as centerpieces as well.

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