Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my unconventional wedding shoes

There are women who absolutely adore shoes and then there are those who can get by with just a trusty pair of sneakers. I fall into the 2nd category.

I'm not much into shoes. My husband is. I do have a pair or two of high heels when the sexy me calls for it. And I do have my cutesy flats for my dainty and feminine side. I even whip out my boots when I feel like it. But for my everyday get-up, it will always be a choice between my chucks or my draven sneakers.

Truthfully, I've been partial to my draven sneakers ever since I bought it. With it's cute heart eyes, monster fangs, and polkadot ribbons, it's soo lovable, I wear it almost everywhere.


I pair it with almost everything..

Whether it be shorts,







and yes, even dresses.


It followed me to the muddiest of markets to the poshiest of malls without complain. With this kind of loyalty, it is but right that I take it with me to the most important walk I'll ever make.. my walk to the altar.

Sure, it may be battered and bruised. But with all the runnings and the goings.. it served me well.

Wearing it was the perfect choice. :D


Katrina ♥ said...

for some reasons, i got teary eyed when i read this post sis!

chi said...

bakit sis? naintriga tuloy ako. hihihi!

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