Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saving on our candy buffet

A tip to save on weddings is to make use of anything and everything that is available for free. Be on the look-out for freebies whether it be as simple as free aisle flowers or as big as free honeymoon vacation. Grab it right away!

Usually, these are out in the open, however, there would also be times when a dash of imagination is needed. 

When the trend of buffet spreads* took the bridal country by storm, I was also inspired to add a candy buffet to our reception. The corkage fee held me back.. until an idea came up.

You see, the restaurant we booked had an indoor sari-sari store, maybe to pay homage to it's part in our culture. The owners used to have it stocked for patrons.

photo credits: Adarna food and culture


This was the opportunity that I was keeping an eye for.

We asked if we could refill the jars with candies for our guests and they agreed. Amazingly, it also followed our concept of putting twists on how traditional weddings are done.

Instead of a spread, we displayed the candies, sari-sari style. We provided brown paper bags so that the guests can help themselves.  

It was a nice touch and it was such a hit, not just to the kids..

paper bags filled with candies =D

but even with the grown-ups.

stuffing their paper bags.. =D

a child checking if there are any candies left..

A very simple addition that totally went a long, long way. And we didn't even have to pay for corkage. :D


*These are additional buffet for specific food such as a pasta buffet, a salad buffet or a dessert buffet. It can also be more specific like a cookie buffet or a candy buffet.


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