Sunday, July 1, 2012

H.H. Restaurant

Peso Value : ☻☻☻☻☻
Taste : ☻☻☻☻☻
Rating : ☻☻☻☻☻

Visiting Divisoria became a habit as the big day approaches.

Doing so brought us to side streets and alleyways we've never ventured to before.

Like most soon-to-wed couples, this is enevitable. And since this means more expenses, it's important to save a few pesos here and there. We stumbled upon this eatery during one of our visits.

Located at the food court of Divisoria Mall, H.H. Restaurant specializes on various types of mami ( noodle soup. )

The Filipino traditional mami is a soup usually using thin egg noodles and sometimes flat rice noodles with either beef, pork, chicken or wanton garnish and topped with chives.*

This eatery offers that.. plus much much more.

The choices doesn't stop with choosing the topping. Here, your choice starts from the noodle all the way to the stock.

The choices are presented Mongolian style for easy picking.

We chose the "Mixed mami." For only P50, this is a treat.

The noodle we chose were the flat, dry ones. These are available in supermarkets.

They also have sotanghon (cellophane noodles), canton (chow mien), miki* (lo mien) and instant noodles.

Mixed "mami" entitles the customer to pick 5 toppings from their array of choices. Unfortunately, the displays doesn't have any label and I was only able to recognize the tofu. hehe! 

We had to ask all the topping names from the server just to make sure that it's something we'd eat.

We went for scallops, fish, squid, pork and wanton.

Other choices would include tofu, kikiam, beef, chicken, isaw (barbequed intestine of chicken or pork), eggs and others that are quite foreign to me.

We chose beef for the broth, giving it a dark, brownish color. Chicken and pork stocks are also available.

The broth was steaming hot, the toppings were flavorful and the serving was big enough for 2 people.

Aside from the chives, bok choy also gives the soup an added flavor. 

The food is filling at a very affordable cost. Strategically located in Divisoria, it's great for those who wanted to have extra money for more shopping.


* Miki is the noodle mostly used here in the Philippines for mami.


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