Sunday, July 1, 2012

HMUA - Casey by Carol and Kim

RATING : ♥♥♥♥♥

Website :

Fee : P4k / bride + 2heads (with retouch during reception)
         P700 / extra head
         P1,200 - trial make-up


This duo was referred to me by one of my bridesmaid. They both work for the company I used to work for. Although Carol got there way after I'm gone, Kim, on the other hand, was my batchmate.

Being budding entrepreneurs ourselves, Eric and I know how important it is to build a portfolio. That's why we've always preferred to get suppliers who's just new in the industry. It's our way to help. Also, often than not, their rates are more affordable and they're much easier to transact with.=D

What we liked

Affordability – their price is fairly reasonable. It is very competitive with the current market price.

Fun – I don't know about other brides but I was a nervous wreck during my wedding. Thank God, these two were there. There were a constant stream of friendly chatter and funny anecdotes that helped me forget how nervous I was. 


in a fit of giggles

Output – I'm not a fan of heavy make-up nor big updos. Carol and Kim were able to capture the look that I wanted. Just right make-up and a 'do that compliments me. 

Kim, working on my locks

finished product

my hair from the back

Photos lifted from Casey: by Carol and Kim

The HMU done to my mom, sister-in-law and friend was also fab!

Eric and I really hated the Imeldific dos done on mothers and the espasol-like approach to bridesmaids and lady sponsors' makeups. I'm proud to say that Carol and Kim was very great in their craft that my mom looked fresh and young, my SIL kept her vibrant looks and my friend looked naturally beautiful.

my wonderful friends, Anj and Asy

Extra help – It never dawned on me how hard it was to get into a wedding gown, not until I was there and trying to get into one. Kim was my saviour and helped me all throughout. He tied my corset, pinned the brooch at the back of my dress and helped me into my petticoat. I don't know how I would have managed it without his help. 

Moral Booster – I had wanted to forgo the retouch for the reception because the oldies are getting impatient*. However, Carol and Kim kept reminding me that it's my day. Therefore, they should wait out for me. They were such a moral booster during those stressful times during the reception. 

Not to mention that I love (and Eric did too.. ) my evening hair and makeup. 

what was that???

A very sweet moment..

My hair swept sideways

I'm so glad I booked them. =D

Carol and Kim; the duo who's responsible for my beautiful wedding look


*We kept on reminding them that the reception is not going to start until 6PM. However they were already at the reception venue by 5PM. No wonder they were losing their patience by the time we arrived at around 6.20.


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