Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paragedevan (our cake supplier)

Rating - ♥
Fee – 4,500 (supposedly 2layers all-edible cake and 50 cupcakes)
Delivery Charge – P500
Cupcake Tower - P500

If there's one lesson that I learned with coordinating our wedding, it was to trust my instinct.

Paragedevan was one of those suppliers that I was really hesitant to book. Reasons are:
  1. The cupcake taste is just so-so.
  2. It was quite pricey. (we've sampled more delicious ones at a more reasonable cost.)
  3. She was laguna-based.
The owner and baker of Paragedevan was a member of TPC lente. We considered her for this reason alone.

She quoted me P1,500 for a 2layers kitkat cake, which looked like this. I understand that there will be add-on charges for the toppers. 

She also offered me a package of 2layered cake and 50pieces of cupcakes for P4,500. I discussed it with Eric and we decided that it was an okay deal.

I sent her a PM and we gave it a go, thinking that we already agreed on the price. Imagine my surprise when she texted me that she will canvass the price for our cake. I told her that our budget is only the price she quoted me. Her texts felt irritated after that. Eric already wanted to cancel but out of “pakikisama” we went ahead with it.

We thought that it was the last of our issues with her. We were wrong.. It got worse.

What pissed us off

Nagging us about the payment - We made a DP 3weeks prior to the wedding. After a week, she was already nagging us for the rest. She badgered us day and night, sending text after text after text.

As if we're not stressed enough, here she was hounding us like as if we plan to run away and not pay her. She haven't even delivered the cake yet! We found out later on that she had other pending dues that's why she pestered us for the money. What was really unnerving was the fact that we personally know her.

Condescending to our coordinator – she called Candy, our coordinator, and made certain demands. When she didn't get her way, she shouted at her and was downright mean. The thing is our coordinator was Eric's friend from way back. When we confronted her, she denied everything. But who are we to believe? An acquintance or a friend?

Early Delivery – we found our that the reason she got mad at Candy was because she wanted to deliver the cake a day before the wedding and just have Candy set it up for her on the day itself. Naturally, Candy wouldn't agree.

It means that if she delivered the cake on the 24th*, she would have made it 2days before the wedding. All the hassle for a stale cake? Not a chance! Besides, setting up the cake is the supplier's responsibility and not the coordinators not the reception crew.

The reason? She have other appointments. The gall! We booked and paid her. Therefore, she should deliver. If she took on other commitments, it's not our problem anymore.

At this point, Eric was adamant to forget the payment and just cancel. But it's almost a week before the wedding and with so much to do, I didn't feel that I can squeeze having to find a supplier at such a short notice. So we still pushed through but by now we're totally pissed.

Cake delivered was not the one we agreed on – Here's the clincher!
  • Only the bottom layer was edible eventhough we agreed on a 2layer all-edible cake.
  • Our cat toppers looked different from our cats eventhough I sent her their photos.

She told us that she's throwing in 10 additional cupcakes to our orders and we were grateful. It would seem that she exchanged the 2nd cake layer for the 10 cupcakes. The thing is we don't need the extra 10 cupcakes. We needed the 2layer all-edible cake so that it would look like 3tiers when the topper is placed.

We felt so cheated.

Extra Charges – like Adlay catering, she kept on springing additional charges to us along the way which was not brought up during the initial discussion.
  • Cupcake Tower – This is only P200 in Divisoria. Had she told me that this is not included in her package, I would have just purchased one when I was there.
We're very easy to talk to. Had she laid out all the cards beforehand, Eric and I could have discussed it and weighed our options. It was a bad customer experience. One that we would rather not experience again.

Atleast the cake and cupcakes looked nice.

the alien cupcakes

aliens in different face and shapes

Our two babies.. Moon and Ash.

But it's still not worth it. =(

*(our wedding was the 25th,)


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