Monday, July 2, 2012

Providence (stonefree) - a great video concept

We don't have T.V. at home.

The news is just too depressing, the noontime shows are too corny, the dramas are too overplayed and there are just but a handful of shows worth watching on cable.

Also, when Bro. Bo Sanchez said "Here's something to think about: If you live until 75 and watched 3hours of TV a day (and you removed normal sleeping time, You would have wasted 14years of your life."* it was a sort of wake-up call for us.

I stumbled upon this video during the rare times that I get to sit in front of the tube. The lyrics is not about romantic love. It is however, about, a more deeper kind of love.

It talks about how God always provides for us and being alive is the greatest gift of all.

The concept of the video is fantastic. It was a great idea for a prenup, not to mention socially relevant.

Watch it and be inspired..

Love is really worth sharing..


*read the rest of the article here.


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