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The Cross

For couples who want to give their wedding ceremony a twist in a very religious-kind-of way, you may find this idea interesting.

I stumbled upon this while reading the blog of one of my favorite author, Bo Sanchez. Read on..

the cross signifies sacrifice

The Cross
I read a beautiful article by Jenn Giroux.  She said that in the small town of Siroki-Brijeg in Croatia (Population: 13,000 people), not one single divorce has been recorded. 
Why?  Personally, I believe it’s because the “old fashioned” values are still part of their life and culture.  And a powerful expression of these old fashioned values is a beautiful twist in their wedding ritual.  (If you’re wedding is near, read carefully.  You may want to include this for your wedding rites.)
In our present wedding ceremony, the priest says at the end of the rites, “You may kiss the bride.”  But in the town of Siroki-Brijeg, the priest says, “You may kiss the cross.”  And both of them kiss Jesus in a crucifix.
Let me backtrack a bit to the start of the ceremony.
When the bride and groom enter the church, they already carry a crucifix.  The first thing the priest does is to bless it.  And as the man and the woman say their vows, they are holding on the cross—with the priest’s stole draped on top of their hands (Note: the stole is the long piece of cloth around the priest’s neck)
After the vows are said, they won’t kiss each other.  They will kiss the cross.
The newly wed couple will then bring home the crucifix and set it on the family altar.  Around it, they will establish daily family prayer.  That daily family prayer says that Jesus is the center of their family life.  When they are blessed, they sing their gratitude around Jesus.  When they are in trouble, they kneel at the foot of the cross. When they are fighting, they look at His kindness, His forgiveness, and His selflessness as an example of what they should do.
When you marry someone, you’re not looking for an ideal partner.  You’re looking for a cross.
Yes, my wife is my cross.  Because loving her isn’t convenient.  If I wanted to remain comfortable, I should have remained single.  But I don’t want to remain comfortable.  I want to remain committed. 
Yes, my wife is my cross.  My beautiful, lovely, glorious cross.  Because she has brought me closer to God and enlarged my capacity to love.

Isn't that just lovely?

Funny how we Filipinos refer to getting married as "lumagay sa tahimik" which is literally translated as "to place oneself in peace" when we know full well that it's not a life of peace that we're getting ourselves into.

If only we remember the true fact about marriage, and prepare ourselves for it, then there would be less disappointments and maybe much less broken or failed relationships.

Read the rest of the article here.
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