Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An artist's proposal

Proposals are one of those important moments in a couples lives. The usual thinking is that it takes a gazillion of moolah to make it memorable for your lady love. Not true! All it takes is ingenuity and careful planning.

A nice example would be how a certain Pope asked help from Ivy's favorite artist Gloc-9 by uploading this photo on his Facebook page.

Photo credits

 It didn't cost too much but the impact was way beyond huge.

It's down-right cute, memorable, personalized and easy-on-the-budget that beats any dinner in a 5star hotel in my book.


Because 5star dinners for proposals are so gasgas (used up) and is somehow expected while this one, though might be simple to some, takes GUTS.

What is your proposal story? Share it so that other may also be inspired. =D


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