Tuesday, September 4, 2012

turning your breakfast into a kilig moment..

Who says that showing your sweetness need to be expensive.

Take cue from my friend Bjay Lopez who did this for his babe, Cheenie.

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Chocolates and flowers are nice but believe you me, it's the small gestures of sweetness that counts the most, hits the heart hard and is remembered long after the flowers wilt and the chocolates melt.

Did your fiance/fiancee come up with random acts of sweetness that just made you shiver all over with glee? Share it in the comments below and inspire others. =D


Mrs. A said...

sis, kami ni hubby, yung hindi pa kami kasal. he wrote a simple note sa receipt ng mercury drug. nilagay nya sa dresser and saka ko nalang nakita yung umalis sya ng bahay. nakalagay, i love you wifey.
One of the most simple and yet super sweet na ginawa nya. up to now, nakatago parin yun sakin. hehehe. :D

chi said...

That is soo sweet sis!

Funny, but it's really the simple things that we remember the most. :D

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