Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zoren and Carmina : A love like no other

The local entertainment industry as well as almost the entire Filipino population can't help but fall in love with Zoren and Carmina's fairytale wedding.

Who can't? Wedding planning has always been the turf of bride-to-bes.  Mostly so that wedding forums are dominated by women. Now and again, a lone groom would drop by causing us to get so overcome by kilig for the bride.

Almost every bride's innermost desire would be for her fiance to share the same enthusiasm in creating the wedding of her dreams. No wonder, every women who's ever watch the coverage on TV and YouTube share Carmina's giddy feeling of being so loved and appreciated.

What's surprising is that even guys are sharing the trending for this celebrity nuptial? Is it because deep down in their hearts they, too, wish that they can do the same for their ladylove? Not the whole scale maybe, but do something so extraordinary, that we can't help but feel overwhelmed.

Maybe. Who knows? But it would definitely be great if they do take the effort.

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