Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Commitment Ceremony - alternatives for those who can't get married

the ring that binds.

Our population has a big chunk of couples that for one reason or the other can't get legally married.

There are a lot of reasons. I encountered one before wherein the couple can't get married because the guy is getting petitioned abroad. However, the most prevalent example would be wherein one or both parties have been married before. In close second would be our LGBT community.
Given that the Philippine population is dominated by Catholics, it's inevitable that religion somehow spills over its influence over the state proceedings. This would mean that the battle of having Divorce or Same Sex Marriage laws passed is still a long way from here. 

But for the meantime, what would you do?

The next best thing is to hold a Commitment Ceremony. 

Don't you think so too?

Bear in mind that it's still not going to be recognized by the state so if your motive is to be included as a beneficiary in cases of death, have conjugal properties and all those benefits that a legal spouse enjoy, then this is not for you. 

The commitment ceremony is designed for those who wanted to celebrate their pledges to each other and to share this very important event with their families, friends and loved ones.

What's great about it is that since it's not dictated by tradition or religion, you have absolute, free rein on how to personalize everything. Whether to include or exclude the serious or the mundane is totally up to you.

Others may laugh. They may call it absurd, saying it's nothing but a farce. They may say that it's a waste of time since it's not legal. But legality is not the point here. It's not what we're after.  

Remember that the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. The real marriage is the relationship that we nurture each day. True commitment is something that we work on. It doesn't have to be legal in the eyes of the law for it to be binding. Same as that not all who got married in church stayed together. It's never a guarantee. At the end of the day, our willingness to exert effort to nurture our relationships is what makes it grow and last. 

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