Saturday, January 26, 2013

prepping the Playlist

Just like in the movies, the musical score is a suble yet a vital part of your event. If you hired a live performer (whether that be a band, a singer, a quartet or a whole orchestra) the task becomes a tad easier since you just come up with your list, provide it to the performers and let them take care of the rest.

It's more challenging for those who plan on providing their own playlist media such as a flash drive, mp3 player, CD etc because it requires additional planning.

If the task of preparing for the playlist falls on your shoulder, here are some of the things that you ought to double check. These are patterned for CDs but can also serve as a guideline for other media.

  1. Make sure that all the songs are fully ripped, meaning that your copy is complete from start to finish. It does happen that the actual song you downloaded is complete but the ripped copy is cut short. 
  2. Burn extra copies. Mishaps can happen so better be prepared. 
  3. Give a copy to your OTD. 
  4. Give two copies to your sound technician. 
  5. Ensure that your playlist is labelled correctly. You don't want your bride marching to the tune of your dance number for the reception. 
  6. To be safe, burn your ceremony and reception playlist CD separately. 
  7. Regardless of the medium that you're going to use (e.g. CD, flash disk or an MP3 player) make sure that it can be played by your sound technician. Usually, PAs can accomodate most mediums but it never hurts to be certain. What if your venue (God forbid!) is using a gramophone?
  8. Burn the songs in the correct sequence. 
  9. Give your technician a list with the song title, its sequence and its part in the ceremony or reception. e.g. 1.) Cannon D - Entourage marching song
  10. Check the volume of all the songs. The volume of the song depends on the actual source. It should be reasonably audible without the technician having to adjust the volume. 
  11. Try to achieve the same volume level for all the songs. 

Remember that the music in the background cannot make or break your event but it sure does have its own weight. With advanced planning, you can make sure that everyone is humming to the correct tune. 


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