Monday, March 11, 2013

Photoshoot with Fireworks (Low Cost Prenup)

Fireworks evoke a very dramatic effect in photos. The shower of light and colors is a sight to behold.

I searched the web for wonderful inspiration and here are some gorgeous fireworks-in-wedding shots I've seen.

photo credits

Photo credits

photo credits

Photo credits

Photo credits

Pretty gorgeous huh?

But the truth of the matter is that fireworks are pretty expensive too.

Want to know how to get these shots at a fraction of the cost?

Easy! Trudge on to Mall of Asia for its annual Philippine Internationa Pyromusical Competition. The show started last February 16th and will run up until March 23rd (every Saturday).

There's an entrance fee and you may check the rates here but to make sure that there's enough room to stage the shots, I think that it's best to just find a good spot away from the crowd.

Ask your photographer to bring his tripod and maybe an extra external flash and you're good to go. Research on the kind of shots and angles that you want taken and discuss this with your photographer. Discussing it beforehand will allow you to maximize the fireworks display.

Happy shooting!



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