Thursday, March 7, 2013

Potluck reception

Eric and I have made a decision to cut down on our TV watching. In fact, we don't have a TV at home and we only get to watch TV when we're at my in laws place during the weekends. Anyway, anything and everything seems to also be available online so we're not really missing much.

At times, certain episodes come up that I really wanted to catch. Bo Sanchez being featured on PowerHouse by Mel Tiangco is one of them.

Being a Feast attendee, I've heard a lot about Bro. Bo's 80sq.ft house I can't wait to take a peek. Of course I had to wait for it to come out on YouTube. Watch it below if you also missed it like me. =)

But this post is not about Bo's house. =D  It's actually about their wedding reception..

Bo said that since he wanted to invite his entire LOJ (light of Jesus) family but he's low on finances, they decided to have a potluck reception.

Potluck is usually done for family gatherings like reunion. It's where guests bring food that they can share with everyone.

Potluck is a nice concept. It's a big money saver especially for those who have a lot of guests to invite. Bo, for example, had to invite approx. 1000 guests. That is a lot. And I mean a looooot!

Wouldn't it be nice to just invite people regardless of the number because they'll be bringing their own food? I'd love to be able to stage one of those. Unfortunately, I don't think I have the guts to pull it off. 

Personally, I think this would work for couples who have very open minded families. Alternatively, I think we can do this if we're only inviting our very close friends who understands why we're doing it.


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